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Wal-Mart Girl (Memoir) article


WAL-MART GIRL is a memoir addressing workplace sexual harassment, corporate greed, and the life of a recently arrived immigrant in America. If you want to see “real American” life, this book is for you.

Natthinee Khot-asa Jones is a twenty-four-year-old Thai woman newlywed to an American and living in the States. While her husband, Hardy, is completing graduate school, she works at a Lafayette, Louisiana Wal-Mart, knowingly applying to the controversial company because she appreciates that they hire the elderly and handicapped. She figures that working at Wal-Mart will improve her English by teaching her the vernacular as well as dispel the Hollywood myths about Americans. The first things Natthinee learns through encounters with customers and co-workers are the terms “redneck,” “white trash,” and English curse words.

Natthinee suffers sexual harassment from an older male department manager, and when she brings it up, she is isolated by her female co-workers, who fear jeopardizing their jobs. Multiple female general managers attempt to convince Natthinee that the male department manager isn’t harassing her but is joking. She refuses to believe the general managers and requests a meeting with the store manager. At the meeting, the accused man must admit that he had sexually harassed her. Natthinee requests that she be moved back to her old department so she will not have to work near the harasser. In doing so, the company takes away Natthinee’s promotion and raise, and the offender’s only punishment is a letter placed in his file.

WAL-MART GIRL will make you laugh, cry, and open your eyes to life in America working for the world’s largest corporation.

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