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Price of Dry Fish article










Price of Dry Fish   















Most Thai lady like old farang man. Old farang man have retirement money.    

“Financial security.”     



Not me. I like young farang man because I young Thai lady. 26. I marry young farnag man, Luke, 31. He tell me he name after Jesus doctor. I don’t know Jesus because I Buddhist, but I don’t know why Jesus need doctor. Thai people think all farang rich, and Thai people think my husband rich because he come from America.  




Thai people see me and Luke hold hand and walk in street, Thai people think I bar girl. Thai people think only bar girl or rich girl have farang husband. I not rich girl, I not bar girl.    




I lucky, Luke eat Thai food. He come from Louisiana. Cajun man. Like spicy food. Luke work for oil company in Thailand Bay. He work 3 week, home 1 week. I want work, but Luke not want me work. I stay home, study English, take English class on night.  




My skin dark. Dark=ugly for Thai people. I work last job at internet café and Thai man come there and call me “” Luke come internet café, he wai me and say sawdee khrab—hello in Thai. I happy see farang man speak Thai and know Thai greeting. Luke play internet for hour, but I charge him for 15 minute; he ask me for dinner. I go because my family back in my village. If I in my village and Luke ask me for dinner, my parent must say Yes and my older sister come for dinner with me and Luke.  



We eat dinner and I ask Luke how he learn speak Thai. He say he give order for Thai worker. Luke not talk much. He quiet. Not loud some farang man I see in Bangkok. I tell Luke about Thai man make fun my skin. Luke tell me I not dark; he like my skin. Luke say I look like Creole people in Louisiana.   



I miss Luke 3 week. Week he home we together all time. Sunday we go church. Luke Catholic. He not try to make me Catholic. I go with him because I love my husband, and I like Jesus Mother. She in church and she wai me and I wai her. I take him market with me. 3 week I go market by myself. Luke come market with me, carry bag. I love dry fish.  




Old lady sell dry fish in market. Her dry fish best. Cost= 25 Baht. I eat dry fish every day 3 week by myself. After church, Luke carry basket in market and I buy dry fish. Old lady say: “45 Baht.”  




“Why? I buy 3 week 25 Baht.”  




“You have farang man.”  




“I have farang husband. And I have farang husband 3 week.”   




 Her eye Luke.   




“Why you raise price because my husband?”   




Farang can pay more price.”  




“I Khun Thai. I Thai people. I not pay more price.”

















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Excerpt from the novel, Every Bitter Thing, chapter seven: More Flies with Honey
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