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Grants and Awards article




          Below are the grants I have won and awards for which I have been nominated.





“Hackler Teching Excellence Award Nomination, May 4, 2015. Cameron University"







"A New Bike for Little Mike.” Short story. Pushcart nomination by New Lit Salon Press, October 2014.





“Dry Gumbo.” Personal essay. Pushcart nomination by Red Truck ReviewOctober 2014.




 "Charles and Edythe Holmes Endowed Lectureship in English, 2010-2014."







“Laotian New Year and Its Traditions.” Research Grant of four-thousand dollars for “New Populations Project” fieldwork. The State of

Louisiana Division of the Arts Folklife Program, September 2006.





People of the Good God. Grant of five-hundred dollars from the State of Louisiana Division of the Arts for research on my memoir, 2001.



Hardy's Publications and Awards

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