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Excerpt from the novel, Every Bitter Thing, chapter seven: More Flies with Honey

 Excerpt from the novel, Every Bitter Thing, chapter seven: More Flies with Honey.

In this coming of age saga, twelve year old Wesley Royal must endure an overbearing father, acne, obesity, and partake in tae kwon do lessons. Through it all, Wesley forges onward through the journey called male adolescence, and you will sometimes laugh, sometimes cry, and sometimes laugh and cry simultaneously as Wesley grows from child to man.


More Flies with Honey

     I hadn't seen Rubin since my sparring fiasco, so I wasn't sure how he would treat me when he saw me at the dojo. Not only was I a white belt, but I was a white belt who had been badly beaten. Rubin wouldn't want to associate with me anymore, and it'd be difficult for us to continue working out together at his house. There was no way I was going to be a black belt any time soon, and Dad would just have to accept that fact.

     We arrived at the dojo just as Rubin called the formation. I ran and got a spot in the back row, next, of course, to Donnie. His drawn-up face smiled at me, but it wasn't a friendly smile, it was one of conquest. I glared at him, trying to imitate those evil eyes Dad made when he was angry. Donnie dropped his smile.


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